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woman_holding_balance.jpg (10858 bytes)
Woman Holding a Balance
c. 1664

Vermeer: Master of Composition

A handful of Vermeer's masterpieces are universally considered to be among the most significant works of art ever created. What makes them so? Why do they distinguish themselves so profoundly  from similar genre paintings of Jan Steen, Pieter de Hoogh, who, like Vermeer, belonged to the School of Delft? The Woman holding a Balance  and the Woman with a Lute  present many surprising similarities in their compositions and help us understand the fundamental  role that composition played in Vermeer's art.


the_woman_with_a_lute.jpg (10707 bytes)  Woman with a Lute
c. 1664

 Elements of Composition


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published: 06/05/2001